2.5 Years – 3.5 Years

Alexis Snipes – Lead Teacher



Our Sandpipers class is for children ages 2.5 – 3.5 years of age and is specifically designed to be a supportive transition from the Toddler years to the Preschool years.

Learning is most successful when children enjoy their educational experience, which is why our teachers work hard to create a learning environment that is meaningful and fulfilling. The class focuses on playful and hands-on activities that continue to develop a positive sense of self-identity. Children work both together and independently, learning to cooperate with their friends and learn from each other’s unique techniques. Messy, creative fun is encouraged through art projects that allow for sensory and experimental artistic expression.

We recognize the importance for children at this age to develop a positive self-concept by increasing their ability to participate in self-help activities. Children in this class are given age-appropriate responsibilities such as beginning to take ownership over restroom use and helping to keep the classroom clean by putting away materials when they are finished using them.

A healthy breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are served each day. Parents are asked to supply the teacher with a change of clothes and a supply of pull-ups for their child if needed.