6 Weeks – 16 Months

Joyce Jefferson – Lead Teacher

In our Infant Room, Mary Bethune Academy offers a safe, loving environment that allows your child to discover this new and exciting world around him. Our class size is small with low child to teacher ratios, which helps build strong relationships and ensures individual attention for each child. Our exceptional staff brings their strong knowledge of child development to support infants in their physical, emotional and social growth through their daily activities, such as feeding, diapering and tummy-time.

Infants are fed in the room and parents are asked to supply bottles, formula, water and baby food until your child can eat from our daily menu. We are able to provide a slightly altered menu for infant and toddlers where some items may be substituted for infant-friendly diets. Parents are also asked to supply at least one change of clothes and bib, as well as diapers and baby wipes.