Three Year Olds

Joy Miller’s Room


Three year old children are working on their identity, they want to know who they are and who’s in charge. they learn best when feeling secure, thriving in a warm, safe, and loving environment. Their most important form of learning is through play, exploration, and observation. They each learn at their own pace.

Age Group

3 years old

Education Goals

Letters of the Alphabet
Recognizing letters of the alphabet
Parts of a book
The author is the person who writes the story
identifying the cover, spine, pages, top and bottom of the book
Recognizing the child’s name in print
Be able to trace letters in name
Counting 1-20 and recognizing numbers by sight
Recognizing colors
Know the city and state they live in
Recognize rhyming words by reading nursery rhyme stories

What is Circle Time?

Circle Time is the equivalent of class time at Mary Bethune Academy. It is during this time that the teacher gathers the children together for a group session. The lessons taught during circle time vary with each classroom, but typically this time together can include reading, singing, and saying the pledge. This style of teaching helps prepare children for the more structured classroom style that comes with Kindergarten and up.

Why do we have planning time?

Planning time is when the children decide what they would like to do for the day. This is a simple way to give children freedom while also teaching them structure.

What happens during Work Time?

Work time is a time of fun and learning. The method of “Play Teaching” is used by education professionals around the world. The children can go to various activities in the room as they choose. The teachers engage with the children on their level, playing with them and also teaching them. The lessons taught during free time may be informal, but they are also the most effective.