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My son just turned 5 and is now in Pre-K however he went to Mary Bethune Academy from age 2-4 and absolutely loved it! My daughter began 4 months ago and is now 20 months old. My son’s current Pre-K teacher is so impressed with how intelligent and well-rounded my son is. He tested well above average on his first Pals testing in Pre-K, able to recognize all 26 upper & lower case letters and identify #’s 1-10 (in&out of sequence, actually Bethune helped teach him #’s through 20!!) thanks to the foundation established at Bethune. Both my daughter and son had opportunities to learn and grow in safe, clean environments with teachers who were attentive, fun, respectful, and encouraging to each child’s individual needs and strengths. My family and I are so thankful for the foundation Mary Bethune Academy gave and is currently providing for my children. Both of my children attended Bethune full-time daily and the teachers provided weekly, even daily, updates to how my children were progressing as well as made themselves available to listen and address any concerns my family or I had. Excellent and affordable Child Care!!!


Ate breakfast with my grandson Ivory at Mary Bethune Academy in celebration for grandparents day. I was really impressed with the lesson plans and programs offered. My grandson is 4 and attends daily.


Mary Bethune Academy is a very established, reputable school with great teachers and staff that enjoy working with all children. As chair of the Board of Directors we appreciate the families that we support and serve care.