About Us

Mary Bethune Academy is a United Way Partner child care and preschool program located on Seminary Hill in the Fairview Heights area of Lynchburg. The center serves the entire Lynchburg community and surrounding areas, with a focus on inner city, at risk children and families.

Our namesake, Mary McLeod Bethune was the 17th child of former slaves, and through hard work and education she was able to accomplish great things in her lifetime. She was passionate about children and their opportunity to learn. We share her vision and strive to continue her mission as we serve your children.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a quality program, which promotes a nurturing and enriching early childhood learning experience, encourages accomplishment, and strives for excellence for children during their formative years.

Our History

Mary Bethune Academy was the first child care system in Lynchburg, VA; established by our founder in 1936 by the Works Program Administration. We our proud of the history of our school, and we strive to keep our traditions alive, while incorporating new practices.


Our Standards

We operate under the VA DSS Child Care licensing striving to meet and exceed standards. MBA Teachers receive a minimum of 16 hours of annual training.

Our Facility

Located in a former elementary school building, our classrooms are large and sunny. Children have ample space to move around, experiencing different play centers, and to engage in free play and story time. There are separate playground areas for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, as well as a large grassy area in the back to be used for “backyard” activities.

We pride ourselves in running a safe and secure facility. All guests must pass through an electronically locked gate before they can enter the school, and we have intercom and camera systems in place to monitor everything that happens at our school.

Our Food

Children in our care are offered a tasty and nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. They are encouraged to try new foods but are never forced to eat anything they don’t want. It is important to make the school aware of any allergies or other food related issues during the enrollment process. If you have and questions or concerns about our menu, please contact us for more details

Transportation Service

Children over one year of age who need transportation to and from our program may be picked up and dropped off by our school bus for a small additional fee. Our bus is also used for field trips and transportation to other special events. The bus is staffed by a driver and an attendant.